6 Simple, Transformative Habits for Personal Growth

A caterpillar enters its chrysalis to undergo metamorphosis for up to two weeks—but it only takes it a moment to emerge a butterfly. Here are 6 habits to help you begin within on your journey to self-transformation.

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Introducing AURA Collagen Tea

Boost natural collagen production with the newest member of the GT’s Living Foods family.
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Health & Wellness

GT's Guide to Finding Your Favorite SYNERGY Flavor

Incorporating kombucha into your wellness routine benefits your mind, body, and spirit. Here’s our guide on finding the flavor (or flavors) you’ll love. 
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Health & Wellness

Can Exercise Aid in a Healthier Gut

Exercise not only improves your physical and mental health, but research also shows it has a positive impact on the microbiome. 
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Health & Wellness

The History of Kombucha: Ancient Origins for Healing Today

Kombucha has a rich and storied history, filled with mystery, legend, and a delicious, invigorating bite. Today, you can find kombucha in your local natural grocer, supermarket, and most stores. But how? 
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How to Stay Active While Traveling

Staying healthy during times of travel is no easy feat. Between indulgent celebrations and jet lag, finding time to stay active can be challenging. Here is how to keep healthy habits intact this season.
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What are Adaptogenic Mushrooms and How Do They Benefit You? 

ALIVE Ancient Elixirs harnesses the powerful antioxidants from a potent trio of three ancient and nutrient-rich mushrooms: turkey tail, reishi, and chaga. Here's how they heal.
The Transformative Power of Kindness
Health & Wellness

The Transformative Power of Kindness

Our greatest power is the ability to spread love and kindness. Here’s how generosity of spirit benefits your health and the world around us.  
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Health & Wellness

6 Health Benefits of Gratitude

Expressions of gratitude go beyond extending appreciation with a simple thank you. Instead, gratitude is a feeling, an emotion, an attitude, a way of living, and a daily practice that inspires a shift in perspective.
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Discover how SYNERGY Raw Kombucha awakens mind, body, and spirit. Made by nature, with whole ingredients, every bottle has 9 billion living probiotics to support gut health, sustained energy, and immunity.
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