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GT's Guide to Finding Your Favorite SYNERGY Flavor

Incorporating kombucha into your wellness routine benefits your mind, body, and spirit. Here’s our guide on finding the flavor (or flavors) you’ll love. 
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If are new to kombucha or even if you have been a fan of GT’s since day one, the sheer variety of flavors can seem overwhelming – or in our case, exciting! With so many kombucha brands, kombucha recipes, and flavor options out there, you might be wondering which kombucha should I try?  

Here are a few tips and a helpful guide for finding your favorite flavors of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha 

Guide to finding your flavor of SYNERGY

Find Your Go-To Flavor Profile 

The best way to determine which kombucha flavor you’ll enjoy the most is to start with flavors you already like. Do you prefer fruity and tropical flavors? Reach for SYNERGY Pink Lady Apple or SYNERGY Island Bliss. Are herbaceous and citrusy drinks more your style? Look for SYNERGY Lavender Love, SYNERGY Hibiscus Ginger, or SYNERGY Tangerine Dream 

The fermentation process in brewing kombucha results in naturally occurring effervescence and a slight vinegar-like taste at first. Fortunately, all SYNERGY Raw Kombucha is flavored with whole ingredients for a fresh and delicious taste.

Build Off of Your Favorite Flavors 

Once you’ve found a few flavors that fit your tastes, expand on those notes. If you’re a fan of SYNERGY Gingerberry, you might be ready to graduate to something sharp like SYNERGY Sublime Lime. If you’re loving SYNERGY Golden Pineapple, you will likely enjoy the tang of SYNERGY Tangerine Dream. And if you’re a fan of coconut, SYNERGY Sacred Life combines raw coconut water, blue spirulina, and pressed ginger for an earthy bite. No matter which flavors you try, know that you’ll feel and taste the GT’s difference, on your very first sip.  

Embrace Seasonal Flavors, Year Round 

GT’s Living Food’s limited-edition flavors like SYNERGY Pure Love, SYNERGY Bloom, SYNERGY Unity, and SYNERGY Living and Gratitude, you can look for similar ingredients in year-round flavors to tide you over until the seasonal offering is back on shelves. SYNERGY Pure Love, which combines citrusy blood orange, fragrant rose, and tart hibiscus, can be substituted with SYNERGY Blood Orange or SYNERGY Hibiscus Ginger.  

SYNERGY Bloom, our spring offering, is fragrant thanks to elderflower, jasmine, and violet in full bloom; SYNERGY Elderberry Juniper and SYNERGY Lavender Love are the closest year-round choice.  

SYNERGY Unity, the summer seasonal offering, is made with cherry, coconut, and lemongrass, for a refreshing and thirst-quenching kombucha. SYNERGY Sacred Life and SYNERGY Trilogy are great substitutes. 

Finally, SYNERGY Living in Gratitude welcomes the flavors of fall with crisp pink lady apple, fresh pressed carrot, turmeric, and cider spices. SYNERGY Carrot Turmeric and SYNERGY Pink Lady Apple are delicious and nutritious alternatives.  

Go For Variety   

Whether it's traditional tartness or something more adventurous, finding the perfect flavor doesn't have to be hard work - it can be quite fun! You will notice over time that the flavors you prefer to depend on your mood and the time of day.  

Some people prefer kombucha in the mornings, and some in the afternoon. In those cases, you may notice your flavor preferences vary. SYNERGY Blood Orange makes a great replacement for your morning cup of OJ, and SYNERGY Gingerade can be the perfectly spiced afternoon wake-me-up.  

The GT’s Difference  

GT Dave started brewing authentic, small batch, raw kombucha in 1995 and since then kombucha has grown in popularity. Now more than ever people are on a quest to find healthier alternatives to their everyday beverages and as the demand grows, so does our roster of pure and potent flavors.  

Each batch of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha is made with the highest quality ingredients we can source. These whole ingredients are used to naturally flavor each batch so not only does SYNERGY taste delicious but each sip packs a potent punch of living probiotics.  


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