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What are Adaptogenic Mushrooms and How Do They Benefit You? 

ALIVE Ancient Elixirs harnesses the powerful antioxidants from a potent trio of three ancient and nutrient-rich mushrooms: turkey tail, reishi, and chaga. Here's how they heal.
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In the fantastic world of fungi, there are over 10,000 different varieties of mushrooms. Of those, only a small fraction are considered adaptogenic mushrooms, which are mushrooms with health benefits that, much like the name suggests, help your body adapt or respond to stress.1,2,3  

Over the last few years, adaptogenic mushrooms have grown in popularity, and it is no surprise why. These mushrooms can boost your spirits, help your body defend itself, and increase your vitality - all excellent for your well-being and recovery.4 Here's everything you need to know about adaptogenic mushrooms.
GT's ALIVE with turkey tail, reishi, and chaga mushrooms

History of Medicinal Mushrooms 

Just because adaptogenic mushrooms have had a recent resurgence does not mean they are new. In fact, they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practices for thousands of years, as well as in ancient European cultures.5 In Russia and other countries nearby, medicinal mushrooms have been made into tea and used to boost overall health and to treat heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers.6 A Greek physician in BCE is documented as having used mushrooms for medicinal purposes.

In America, the Pacific Northwest (because of its mild, wet climate) has long been known as a hotbed of medicinal mushrooms.7,8 Historically, Indigenous people used local mushrooms for religious and spiritual purposes, as well as for food and medicine.9 Now, residents all over the region use them to help regulate their internal systems, sustain energy and health, enhance mood, and support immunity.10  

Hands with turkey tail, reishi, and chaga mushrooms and ALIVE

Because these “functional mushrooms,” as they’ve been nicknamed, are so ubiquitous right now, it’s easier than ever to add them to your diet. They’re making appearances in coffee, chocolate, supplements and more, but just because they are everywhere does not mean they deliver the same benefits.  

To find the best and most potent adaptogenic mushroom benefits, it is important to look for quality and quantity.  One great way to incorporate a macro-dose of mushroom magic into your diet is by drinking ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixirs from GT’s Living Foods any time of day.11 You can incorporate them into your morning routine, or enjoy alongside a healthy dinner. ALIVE is an uplifting tea elixir that supports immunity, helps balance mood, and provides a natural energy boost. 

The Dream Mushroom Trio and How They Heal  

GT Living Foods’ ALIVE uses a potent trio of three of the most powerful functional mushrooms: turkey tail, reishi, and chaga, which were each chosen for their exceptional healing and rejuvenating properties. 

Chaga mushrooms

, perhaps the most well-known of the three, has been used for centuries to treat stomach issues and heal various tumors.12 Falling under the superfood category, chaga is known to boost immunity and is packed with beneficial antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties.13,14 Adding chaga mushrooms to your diet through ALIVE can lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and slow the growth of cancerous cells.15 
Reishi mushrooms

mushrooms, which grow on hardwood trees, are natural stress reducers , and have been known for thousands of years to alleviate aches and  anxiety, while boosting your immune system.16 They have more than 400 nutrients, including calcium, potassium, and vitamin C, and some research has shown that they may help with neurodegenerative disorders and protecting from seizures.17,18 Adding reishi to one’s diet has been said to increase clarity and focus, as well as instill calmness.19

Turkey tail mushrooms

Turkey Tail, possibly the most visibly appealing and unique — their beautiful colors and woodland shapes quite literally resemble wild turkeys’ tails — are good for your gut health and your immune system.20 In the past, they were consumed in tea that was said to strengthen bones, and have since been used to fight cancerous tumors.21 Making them a staple in your diet can help fight infections, and because they’re filled with prebiotics (foods that help promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria), they can also aid with digestion.22,23 

GT's ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixir Bottles

How to Best Enjoy Functional Mushrooms 

Consuming medicinal mushrooms any way you can is encouraged, but one of the best ways is by drinking GT’s Living Foods ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixirs, which have it all. With 1800 milligrams of adaptogenic mushroom magic in each bottle, this potent elixir fights oxidative, mental, and physical stress to strengthen your body from the inside out, promoting equilibrium, longevity, and vitality.  

Carefully crafted with functional and flavorful, whole ingredients, ALIVE comes in many delicious flavors, like ginger turmeric, root beer, matcha vanilla, and more. GT’s adaptogenic elixir is a functional and delicious alternative to sugar-filled beverages like artificially flavored sodas or overly processed coffee drinks. Transform your health with a macro-dose of mushroom magic with an ALIVE Ancient Elixir. Learn more about GT’s Living Foods and its invigorating sparkling tea drink here




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