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How to Stay Active While Traveling

Staying healthy during times of travel is no easy feat. Between indulgent celebrations and jet lag, finding time to stay active can be challenging. Here is how to keep healthy habits intact this season.

Staying healthy during times of travel is no easy feat. From long days on the go and jet lag, to time spent celebrating and, often, indulging once you have arrived, it can be challenging to maintain a routine. However, staying active while traveling can increase endorphins that benefit your mental health, regulate your circadian rhythm, support a stronger immune system, and more. What might seem like a chore at first, could end up being a small gift for yourself.  

Here are some easy ways we are staying active and keeping healthy habits intact this season.

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Plan Ahead  

In addition to the joy and fun of traveling, there is plenty of planning that goes into every aspect of a trip. So why not plan a workout? While packing be sure to throw a pair of sneakers and a workout outfit into your suitcase. This way, once you arrive and are settled in you have the option to fit in a walk or a quick workout wherever you are staying (more on that below).  

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Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Spirit 

Keeping a balanced diet – no matter your travel plans – does not need to be stressful or challenging. Energize your body while you are away with superfoods that support energy levels and immunity.  

Instead of cutting out your favorite holiday cookies or skipping an indulgent meal, try adding more of the good stuff (hello, greens) to your plate. Eating well, and mindfully, decreases lethargy and energizes you for future movement.  

Plus, if you are changing time zones, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help you adjust. Hydrating foods like cucumber and watermelon help decrease fatigue, citrus can increase focus, and tart cherries contain melatonin which helps to regulate your sleep. 

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Commit to Movement  

Staying active is one of the best ways to treat yourself physically and mentally. Traveling can cause stress and committing to movement increases oxygen, blood flow, and releases endorphins that help melt away stress. Finding an activity you enjoy and that can easily fit into your travel plans is easier than you think.  

Use nature as your gym and hit the pavement with a long walk, bike ride, or jog. Take this as an opportunity to explore the city you are visiting. The more you enjoy yourself while being active, the more likely you are to incorporate it into your routine while away. And if you are tight on time and flexibility, try committing to 10 minutes of a digital workout first thing in the morning so you can enjoy the day knowing you have already done something to benefit yourself. 

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Boost Your Immunity  

Catch flights not colds this travel season. The best way to ensure you can stay active is by staying healthy. Like any muscle, your immune system needs to be strengthened and boosting your immunity is as easy as eating and drinking probiotic rich foods that support your microbiome.  

A healthy gut leaves you less vulnerable to bacteria and viruses, so prepare your body for travel with immunity boosting foods. SYNERGY Raw Kombucha has 9 billion living probiotics, ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixirs contain adaptogenic mushrooms that are known to boost immunity, and IMMORTAL Wellness Shots deliver proactive immunity.  

Do What Works for You 

No matter what your goals are, know that it is possible to stay on track this season. A change in environments and routines can be a difficult adjustment but when you plan ahead, it is easier than one might think. Committing to nourishing yourself, staying active, and caring for your health will help you enjoy your trip, while also setting you up for post-travel success.


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