6 Simple, Transformative Habits for Personal Growth

A caterpillar enters its chrysalis to undergo metamorphosis for up to two weeks—but it only takes it a moment to emerge a butterfly. Here are 6 habits to help you begin within on your journey to self-transformation.

Closeup of pink lotus flower in sunlight

Flower Power: The Lotus and its Meanings Throughout Time

The lotus is symbolic for myriad reasons for many different cultures across thousands of years. Those meanings grow as deep as a lotus flower’s roots—which, if you didn’t know, is very deep (sometimes up to six feet deep…under water).  
Begin Within: The Next Chapter for SYNERGY Kombucha
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Begin Within: The Next Chapter for SYNERGY Kombucha

Positive transformation of the mind, body, and spirit begins from within. That’s something GT’s Living Foods has always believed. 
Woman holding stomach in lotus pose

Gut Check: 3 Essential Things to Understand About Gut Health

Let’s explore the –biotics—prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics—and how they can benefit you.
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