GT’s Monthly Inspiration

GT’s Monthly Inspiration

Deepening your connection with humanity results in the ultimate reward: UNITY.

No matter the season, coming together with the ones you love, giving back to your community and fostering human relationships is essential for your health and happiness. This month, here are a few of the things inspiring me, with UNITY at top of mind.

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What I am Eating 

Fatherhood has been a profound journey, and I am so grateful to have quality time with my kids. These days, that tends to happen over mealtimes, so I am eating a lot of COCOYO Living Coconut Yogurt every morning. The babies cannot get enough of the COCOYO Pure with fresh fruit and granola. I prefer mine on top of MUSH ready-to-eat oats to fuel morning workouts. 


What I am Listening To 

More often than not, you can find me listening to Lady Gaga on repeat. And while everything she does symbolizes UNITY, I’m diversifying my soundtrack to summer with something special. In the true spirit of UNITY, my team has created a playlist that pulls wide-ranging inspiration from the diverse group of people that make up the GT's family. It has been my summer playlist for everything from workouts to days by the pool. Listen here.

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What I am Celebrating  

There is more that brings us together than pulls us apart. In celebration of the season of UNIITY and our limited-edition flavor, SYNERGY UNITY, we are giving away concert tickets. Join our UNITY scavenger hunt by trying any SYNERGY flavor and collecting caps with the letters U-N-I-T-Y underneath. Collect all five and automatically win a case of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha and be entered to win a concert experience for two.  For more chances to win, enter our UNITY sweepstakes. See the full details here 

Summer is my favorite time to come together and celebrate the sounds that connect us. Whether through music, hosting meals with friends, or reconnecting with someone you have lost touch with, I hope this season continues to inspire connection far and near. 


Peace, Love, & Gratitude.

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GT Dave 

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