The GT’s Living Foods Difference

The GT’s Living Foods Difference

Our living foods are authentically fueled by plants, raw fermentation, naturally occurring probiotics, and ancient wisdom. Discover how our purpose makes us unique.

Living Food for the Living Body

We believe food should be grown and living. That’s where the GT’s Living Foods difference started over twenty-five years ago in Founder and CEO, GT Dave’s, family kitchen. At just 15 years old, he brewed the original kombucha recipe that started it all – traditional, authentic, and never heated, treated, diluted, or compromised in any way. Just 100% raw kombucha and 100% real, grown by nature and handcrafted by GT. Even though GT’s Living Foods makes a lot more kombucha (and many other living foods) these days, the integrity, passion, and authenticity that goes into each batch hasn’t changed. It all starts with the why for us. Read on to discover how our purpose makes us unique. 

Closeup of jar of GT's COCOYO Pure

  1. Pure and Precious Ingredients

We believe in sharing the highest-quality, most beneficial, and vibrant natural flavors you've ever tasted. GT’s Living Foods uses whole produce that is both more expensive to source (because of its higher quality) and more nutritional. The benefits we’re able to share with you, will always be most important. If we can only get the highest quality ingredient from just one place, like the young Nom Ham Thai coconuts in COCOYO Living Coconut Yogurt, then we make it a priority to only source the best. This way, their nutritional advantages can be reliably delivered to you and thoughtfully produced by our collaborative growers and farms. Many of our decisions have been known to run counter to what’s been understood as “right” for the bottom line. Instead, we question, Right for what? Right for whom? Our answer: Earth and you.
Closeup of mushrooms and bottle of GT's ALIVE Root Beer

We believe food can be a form of medicine. Each GT’s offering contains functional doses of the powerful ingredients listed and quantified on our labelslike our ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixir’s 1800mg macro-dose of adaptogenic Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Chaga mushrooms and CLASSIC Kombucha’s category-defining 20+ probiotic strains. We ensure every ingredient works its hardest for you. That's why we encase all of our kombucha, living coconut yogurt, probiotic water, wellness shots, and more in glass bottles and jars to protect their nutrients, ensure your benefits, and to promote the closed loop of sustainable glass production. In turn, this packaging is better for you, living foods, and Nature, herself, due to its infinite reusability and 100% recyclability. 

GT Dave and kombucha
  1. Cultivated for 30 Days

What does it mean to be a patient steward of Mother Nature? We could produce kombucha like some others do: quicker, in higher quantities, shipped faster, easier…but we don’t. Because there is no replacement for time. SYNERGY Raw Kombucha is fermented for a category-leading 30 days which is over 4x longer than many canned kombuchas you see in the store. That’s why SYNERGY has 18x more probiotics than the next leading competitor. Each bottle has around 9 billion active, living cultures. It’s why CLASSIC Kombucha is fermented for 45 days and has the most diverse set of probiotic strains of any kombucha on market. It’s why we stone-ground every young Thai coconut in COCOYO by hand and fresh press the fruit and vegetable juices found in each GT’s Living Food offering. Other brands can’t compete because they lack the patience nature requires. By harnessing time we offer you a direct connection between nature and the nature inside you: your microbiome. You can’t buy time, but you can buy its nourishing fruit.  GT Dave and his mother smiling

  1. Family-Owned, Independently Operated

We’re able to do all of this differently because we’re family owned and operated, and we always have been. We are only beholden to ourselves, our vision, our purpose, and you, those who eat and drink, love and support, and live and breathe real living foods like we do at GT’s. At GT’s, we don’t have shareholders. We believe our stakeholders are humanity, Earth herself, and our synergy. At the end of each day, we’re motivated by the transformative power of living foods, not higher margins or a quick sale. Unlike those who brew their kombucha in massive, metal vats, we believe in 5-gallon small batches that, to this day, are how we brew every one of our kombucha offerings. We believe in a higher calling: to help humanity live healthier, happier lives. That’s the 100% pure love in every hand-cultured small batch.

GT Dave holding original kombucha bottles and cases

The GT’s Legacy 

After receiving the gift of a Himalayan Mother SCOBY in the early ‘90s, the Dave family was intrigued by kombucha’s ancient healing properties. This began their journey brewing batches of the fizzy fermented tea. Over 25 years later, GT has created the most loved kombucha in the world. “I started making kombucha based on the belief that it could improve people’s lives and make the world a better place. Every batch I brew is a living reminder of this purpose,” says GT, Founder & CEO, Father, Husband, and Human of Earth, not necessarily in that order.  

We believe Mother Nature is our world’s greatest healer. We believe living foods provide life and vitality to our bodies. We believe food should be medicine to help humankind live healthier, happier lives. Our living foods are authentically fueled by plants, raw fermentation, naturally occurring probiotics, and ancient wisdom. Every bottle and jar we fill is a testament to doing it better. And that is the GT’s Difference.


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