Pure, potent doses of functional, organic ingredients. Protected in glass to ensure efficaciousness. Enhance physical and mental performance. Live Forever.

Every bottle of IMMORTAL is crafted specially to spotlight and amplify each ingredient’s intentionality for proactive immunity and ritual wellness. Raw and fermented for highest efficacy in unique, specialized formulas for Focus, Immunity, Digestion, and Collagen.

IMMORTAL SHOTS are bottled in glass to help preserve our planet, provide nutrient integrity and bioavailability, and to better boost your body’s natural functionality and adaptability.

Unlock your IMMORTAL self. Redefine immortality.

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GT's IMMORTAL Immunity Bottle Render
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GT's IMMORTAL Digestion Bottle Render
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GT's IMMORTAL Focus Bottle Render
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GT's IMMORTAL Collagen Bottle Render

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