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The Health Benefits of Kombucha

Authentically handcrafted in small batches, GT’s kombucha offers billions of living probiotics to help you live a healthier, happier life. Explore the many health benefits below and discover a delicious way to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.
The health benefits of raw kombucha have been celebrated in Eastern traditions for thousands of years. Known in some cultures as the “Tea of Immortality,” this effervescent, fermented drink helps to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.

Authentically handcrafted in small batches, SYNERGY Raw Kombucha and CLASSIC Kombucha offer billions of living probiotics that support improved digestion, sustained energy, and holistic and mental wellbeing. But the benefits don’t stop there. Whether you’re new to drinking raw kombucha, or you’re an experienced probiotic connoisseur, here’s everything you need to know about the powerful and delicious health benefits of kombucha.



One of the safest ways to preserve food before refrigeration, this natural process synergizes simple ingredients and, over time, helps them develop beneficial nutrients. That’s why all our kombucha is fully fermented for at least 30 days, the longest of any kombucha currently on the market.


Living Probiotics

Often referred to as the “second brain,” the gut is home to diverse bacteria that directly affect your digestive health, immune function, mood, weight, and more. Kombucha’s naturally occurring probiotics work to rebalance your gut with good flora.


Active Enzymes

A natural byproduct of kombucha’s fermentation, active enzymes are proteins that help your body break down food. These enzymes aid in digestion, increase absorption of nutrients, help build muscle and eliminate toxins – essential for a healthy gut and life.

Natural Effervescence

Kombucha naturally develops CO2 during fermentation, which creates its famously effervescent personality. This elegant natural fizziness not only adds to the drinking experience, but it can help you feel full and refreshed while curbing your appetite, too.


Acetic Acids

Created during the fermentation process, acetic acids protect the brew from harmful bacteria and are the source of kombucha’s distinct tangy taste. Due to their acidic structure, they protect your health by promoting alkalinity (pH balance) in the body.



Brewed with premium loose-leaf tea, our kombucha is naturally packed with polyphenols. These micronutrients fight free radicals that can damage cells, as well as reduce inflammation, belly fat, cholesterol, and blood sugar.


The Bottom Line

In summary, there are many health benefits of kombucha. Made from pure and whole ingredients, SYNERGY Raw Kombucha contains over 9 billion living probiotics that transform your body, mind and spirit. From aiding in digestion to supporting gut health and boosting immune function, live a happier and healthier life with raw kombucha.



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