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How to Cultivate Pure Love

In celebration of SYNERGY Pure Love, we’re exploring the five love languages and how they can deepen our most valued relationships 

Pure love is unconditional. It's kind, compassionate, generous, and nurturing. It’s warm and forgiving. It’s given without expectations of reciprocation. Pure love costs nothing to give, yet it seems like loving one another, loving ourselves, and loving our world is hard to do right now. In honor of SYNERGY Pure Love, our seasonal winter offering, we’re looking at the many ways we can extend expressions of love. 

Through the lens of the five love languages, we can better understand and offer love to friends, family, romantic partners and more. Here are actionable ways to express love and enrich the relationships in your life.  

Quality Time 

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A few minutes can go a long way. For those who value connection, time is one of the most precious gifts. Put away your phone and give this person your undivided attention as a true act of love. Schedule time for check ins, share a picnic, a coffee date, a morning walk, a workout, or regular phone calls. 

Physical Touch 

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For many people love is understood and communicated through physical affection. If that sounds like one of your friend’s love languages they might appreciate a hug, holding hands, their back rubbed, or their hair played with. For this person, nothing speaks to them more than appropriate and comforting physical touch. 

Gift Giving 

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A heartfelt gift can mean the world to certain people. Gifting doesn’t have to break the bank, rather any gesture, big or small, signifies a reminder of your love. It can be as easy as picking up an extra coffee, bringing flowers, or surprising a friend with their favorite flavor of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha. 

Acts of Service 

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Don't just show up for the big moments, help your friends with smaller day-to-day tasks to show you care. This love language can mean offering to do the dishes after they’ve hosted dinner, it can mean dropping off groceries to friends with a newborn baby or asking them where you can lend a helping hand. Actions speak louder than words for these loved ones so act with intention.  

Words of Affirmation 

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Relationships are about supporting one another and building each other up. Words of affirmation not only remind your loved one of your adoration, but it acknowledges their value of simply being themselves. Join them in celebrating their successes, it shows that you know how much effort they’ve put into accomplishing a goal. If they’re going through a rough time, double down on telling them how much they mean to you.  

Leading With Pure Love 

From friends and family to romantic partners, the five love languages can bring clarity to the ways in which others prefer to express and receive love. Learning your love language can ignite a better understanding of why some relationships thrive and others need more nurturing. Someone else's love language may not be your own but making the effort to embrace and celebrate how they receive love will have a lasting impact on the quality of your relationship. 

If you’re ready to show you care, start with the official love language quiz to better understand how you give and receive love. Then, start spreading that love everywhere you go. When you believe in love, you’ll find only the purest love.  

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