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Summer Reflections, With GT

How to fall in sync with the rhythms of Mother Nature. Explore three tips from GT, Founder and CEO, for finding a deeper connection within yourself. 
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As we near another season of change, I find myself pausing and reflecting on the past months. Summer has always been a time of unity. It’s a time when we are one with Mother Nature, honoring her beauty through days at the beach, long hikes, and exploration. It’s a time spent with friends and loved ones, creating lasting memories over shared experiences. It’s time to reflect on the first half of the year and prepare to find harmony as we enter the second half. Reflection on this time is an opportunity to uncover our deepest desires and set intentions for what is yet to come.  

This month, I invite you to join me in three exercises of a summer reflection with three tips for finding a deeper connection within yourself. 

Begin to Appreciate 

Start small with a gratitude list or take a moment to reflect on recent accomplishments. An abundance of appreciation can heal the mind, body, and soul 

Learn to Surrender 

Make a conscious shift in perspective and release what does not serve you. There is nothing more consistent in our lives than change – just look to Mother Nature for confirmation. Take this opportunity to focus on the positives moving forward.  

Manifest Anything 

Looking back on the last season, what were the most inspirational or most memorable moments? Are there events that didn’t line up the way you hoped? Now is the time to be intentional with the next season and visualize the path ahead. 

In ancient cultures, the changing of the seasons is a welcomed and celebrated shift. Reflecting on summer is a ritual that honors your past and manifests your future. Now that you're equipped with tips on inspiring reflection, you can try putting pen to paper and journaling your process. The incredibly powerful and healing practice helps reduce anxietyii, deepen self-discovery, and increase whole healthiii, all while opening your spirit towards manifestation. Ultimately, finding meaning in our past experiences informs how we move forward. I hope that as we transition into fall, you’re able to create space to focus on reflection so that you can harness the joy of summer and carry it with you always.  


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