GT’s Monthly Inspiration

GT’s Monthly Inspiration

With sustainability at top of mind GT Dave, Founder and CEO, shares how to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Read on for his favorite eco-conscious literature, music, and architecture.
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I know I am not alone in wanting to live a more mindful and sustainable existence. Beyond committing to reducing our carbon footprint at GT’s Living Foods, I am always looking for ways to live in harmony with Mother Nature. From choosing eco-friendly products for my home and family, to reminding myself to spend time in nature, there is no shortage of ways we can positively impact the environment.  

Not sure where to start, or what sustainability looks like in your day-to-day life? You can start by taking some inspiration from a few of my favorite moments over the last month.  

Closeup of eco-friendly home products

What I am Reading 

When it comes to making sustainable changes at home, progress is the goal – not perfection. Ida Magntorn’s “The Sustainable Home: Easy Ways to Live with Nature in Mind,” shares inspirational tips on reducing plastic consumption and incorporating eco-friendly products into your home, without sacrificing style. Home has always been an oasis from the outside world, and it is important we keep it free of toxins that harm ourselves and the environment. Magtron recommends starting by freshening up your home – literally. Adding houseplants into your space naturally eliminates toxins from the air. Next, consider how you can reduce plastic consumption and what can be replaced with eco-friendly products. Making a commitment to living with nature in mind can be daunting, but any step towards a greener home is cause for celebration. Taking a gradual approach gives you the opportunity to find what works best for your wellbeing, your home, and the environment.  

So you, too, can live with nature in mind I will be sending copies of “The Sustainable Home” to the first five readers to DM @SYNERGYKOMBUCHA their number one tip for living sustainably. [Editor's Note: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your participation.]



What I am Listening To 

Connecting with nature is one way I remind myself why making sustainable changes is so important. Mother Nature has and continues to provide for us, while asking for so little in return. Finding time to be in nature and appreciate all that we have been given, grounds me. Most recently, be it on the beach, in Hawaii or at home with my family and friends, I have been taking time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us with an album that encourages the act of winding down. The ambient musings of James Blake’s new album, “Wind Down” – created in collaboration with A.I.-powered app Endel – encourages decompression. The naturally relaxing, soothing, and hypnotic sounds embody the movement of nature. This album transports your mind, body, and soul to a place of tranquility no matter where you are. 

Closeup of sustainable and modern architecture ceiling

What I am Inspired By  

In an era of innovation, I have been inspired by sustainable architecture finding its stride. Currently, the building industry is one of the biggest generators of carbon emissions i and it has been incredible to see the response of architects, designers, and builders as they work towards finding sustainable building materials and eco-friendly solutions. I have always admired architecture that leans on form, function, and the inclusion of natural spaces. More now than ever we are seeing that inclusion in contemporary designs. There are those that are approachable in their embrace of up-cycled wood, living walls, and solar power energy. Then there are those that are experimenting with biologically made materials like algae and fungi ii, and tiles made from up-cycled carbon emissions iii. As we continue to grow and evolve with Mother Nature, seeing the world of architecture's creative and adaptive response is encouraging to watch unfold.

Peace, Love, & Gratitude,

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