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Why Pure Ingredients Are Critical When Buying Plant-Based Yogurt

If you are looking to introduce healthier habits to your lifestyle, swapping out processed foods and dairy for plant-based alternatives straight from Mother Earth, is an easy and delicious solution.
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GT’s Living Foods believes Mother Nature is our world’s greatest healer and food should be your medicine. If you are looking to introduce healthier habits to your lifestyle, swapping out processed foods and dairy for plant-based alternatives straight from Mother Earth, is an easy and delicious solution. In addition to being a healthy choice, going dairy-free can help with your energy levels, digestion, skin, and more.1 

Unfortunately, making a plant-based choice does not always mean you’re making a healthy choice – not all healthy foods are the same. To make plant-based foods taste and feel more like the dairy products most of us are accustomed to, producers will often add fillers, additives, and sugars.2 This especially applies to dairy-free yogurts. Often, the ingredients that give it that creamy texture and rich flavor are added sugars and saturated fats.3 

For this reason, it’s critical to check the label before buying. Pro tip: If at first glance you notice an extensive list of ingredients, it’s not the best plant-based yogurt for you. Looking for a concise list of simple, raw nutrients, and pure ingredients is the key when buying any kind of store-bought or packaged products.  

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Of course, not all dairy-free yogurts include long lists of hard-to-pronounce ingredients. COCOYO Living Coconut Yogurt, for instance, is dairy-free, and the only ingredients in each jar are two raw, young coconuts (meat and milk included) and probiotic cultures, making it the leading healthy choice.  

Whether you are new to limiting your dairy intake, or you’ve been consuming plant-based products for years, it’s critical to know what ingredients are in your dairy-free alternatives, especially your yogurt. Below, we take a deeper look at why pure ingredients are so important when it comes to buying living foods, specifically yogurt. 

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Why You Should Make the Switch to Plant-Based Yogurt  

More than a quarter of Americans, and almost 70 percent of the world population, are lactose intolerant to some degree, and many don’t even know it.4 5 Switching to plant-based yogurt is a great way for those with lactose sensitivity to continue to enjoy a decadent creamy breakfast while still being kind to your body. If you’re still on the fence, here are some reasons to make the switch.  

Removing dairy from your diet is better for our health and helps provide life and vitality to our bodies. It aids with digestion and reduces inflammation.6 And with dairy no longer a staple, you can expect to stop experiencing uncomfortable bloating and gas, a result of your body having a challenging time breaking down lactose.7 

Cutting out dairy has also been known to improve acne for some,8 as it’s been theorized that dairy can cause skin issues,9 but diets lacking probiotics may trigger acne, too, specifically digestive acne.10 Early data suggests that a healthy balanced microbiome is important for skin health and elasticity.11 Which is why dairy-free probiotic yogurt, like COCOYO, is a good nutritious staple to add to your diet. Probiotics improve gut health, as well as skin health.12 

In addition to the overwhelming health advantages that come with eating plant-based yogurt, it’s also better for the environment. With only two young Thai coconuts per jar, COCOYO and other dairy-free yogurts produce less greenhouse gas emissions and use about a tenth of the land to make them.13 

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Why Ingredients Matter  

While it’s clear that there are many advantages to a plant-based diet, as we’ve mentioned above, not all dairy-free products are made the same. And since we know that ingredients impact our digestion, skin, and overall health, what a product is made of really does matter.  

Made with two stone-ground, tender Nom Hom coconuts in each jar that are picked between 28032 days old, when sweetness and nutrient density are at their peak. Known to be the best coconuts in the world, COCOYO results in pure, living, and nutritious choice. GT’s Living Foods has your health in mind with every product it creates, but, again, that’s not the case with all brands. Other non-pure brands use filler ingredients and additives in their dairy-free yogurts.14 And some are high in fat and lacking in high-quality ingredients, vitamins, and protein.15 

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The GT’s Living Foods Difference  

While some vegan yogurts are extremely high in sugar,16 and some contain unhealthy ingredients,17 with GT’s Living Foods, that will never be the case. COCOYO is a living food which means it’s as close to its original pure form as possible, in order to retain all its active ingredients and nutrients. Living foods help your body produce and activate its own naturally occurring enzymes that are necessary for hormone production and chemical reactions in the body to keep it operating optimally. Fermented foods, like COCOYO, are considered alive because they are packed with living probiotics and prebiotics to promote healthy bacteria in your gut, where 70% of your immune system lives. 

Made with two young coconuts from Thailand, combined with fresh pressed fruit juice, and then fermented, each serving of COCOYO is smooth in texture, which is achieved without dairy, powders, fillers, gums, or emulsifiers. This plant-based probiotic powerhouse also avoids unnecessary, and otherwise common, processing techniques such as pasteurization, hyperfiltration, and dilution for total purity and potency. 

When choosing foods to heal your body, it’s imperative to know where your food comes from, and with GT’s Living Foods, transparency is key. Plus, GT’s Living Foods only uses the highest-quality ingredients for a difference you can taste.  

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Remember, the benefits of eliminating dairy from your diet are vast: improved skin and digestion, reduced inflammation, and so much more. Plus, adding in dairy-free yogurt is an effortless way to fuel your body, whether as a post-workout snack or a way to start your morning.18 From sweet to savory, COCOYO is a simply perfect snack full of living probiotics. 

Not all dairy-free yogurts are created equal, but it’s easy to see why GT’s Living Foods COCOYO is the obvious choice. With its pure, whole ingredients, glass packaging, fermented health benefits, and seven decadent flavors, COCOYO supports a healthier, happier you and the planet. Fuel your body and soul with the guiltless pleasure of  

COCOYO, today. 



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