What is Coconut Yogurt?

What is GT’s COCOYO?

COCOYO is a living, fermented coconut yogurt. It’s crafted to support healthy digestion and nourish the gut, offering billions of living probiotics by the spoonful. COCOYO is raw, vegan, and dairy-free.

How is GT’s COCOYO made?

GT’s COCOYO is made with the meat of young coconuts. The coconut pulp is fermented using kefir cultures which transform the sweet coconut meat into a tangy, low-sugar, probiotic-rich food that helps replenish the gut and support healthy digestion.

What does GT’s COCOYO taste like?

COCOYO is a fermented product so it may taste a little tart. It’s fluffy and rich, and may also feel slightly effervescent on the tongue.

How much GT’s COCOYO should I consume if I’m new to it?

Everyone has a unique system, therefore we suggest listening to your body when trying to determine the appropriate amount for you. However, if you are a first-time consumer, it is best to slowly introduce COCOYO to your system. Start with 1 tablespoon and gradually increase to 1⁄2 cup (4 fl oz) or more per day based on your body’s response. Introducing such powerful probiotics into your system may have a cleansing effect. People have reported feeling bloated and churning in their gut. This is a good thing! COCOYO can be consumed before, during, or after meals.​

What is a serving size of COCOYO?

A serving size of COCOYO is 1⁄2 cup (4 fl oz). Each serving contains 100 billion CFU per 4 fl oz at time of packaging.

Can anyone consume GT’s COCOYO?

GT’s COCOYO can be enjoyed by everyone. For ages under ten years old, we recommend they consume a smaller serving size.

Can I consume GT’s COCOYO if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

We have heard from many mothers who continue to consume COCOYO during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, if you are unsure of introducing something new to your system during this time, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional due to the delicate nature of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

When is the best time to consume GT’s COCOYO?

There is no right or wrong time to consume GT’s COCOYO. Many of our consumers tell us that they enjoy cocoyo in the morning for breakfast with a little bit of fruit. Others have made vegan desserts with it. Find some recipes here.

Is sugar added to COCOYO?

We’re happy to share that there’s no added sugar or artificial sweetener in COCOYO.

Why is Stevia added to some flavors of COCOYO?

We add a little Stevia to some of our COCOYO offerings (Vanilla and Cacao) because we find it enhances their flavors. However, if you prefer to not include Stevia in your diet, know that our COCOYO Pure and COCOYO Raspberry do not contain any.

Why does COCOYO vary in volume and texture?

Because COCOYO is a live product that continues to ferment after being packaged, the volumetric amount will vary from jar to jar. Depending on temperature conditions and atmosphere during transport, some jars will be fuller than others. Additionally, this may affect the texture and consistency of COCOYO. Know that the amount of probiotics and the healthy properties of COCOYO are present regardless of the volumetric amount texture.

Are there any common food allergens in COCOYO?

People who are allergic to coconut should not consume COCOYO. Beyond that, COCOYO is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low in sugar, and low-calorie.

What are the probiotics in COCOYO?

The probiotic blend in GT’s COCOYO is proprietary. However, the dominant probiotics are Lactobacillus, Lactocuccus, and Leuconostoc strains. The proprietary probiotic blend equals 100 billion CFU per 4 fl oz at time of packaging.

What is the difference between the probiotics in COCOYO and other probiotic supplements?

The bacteria in pill or powdered probiotics are in a dormant state – meaning they are hibernating. They are not dead, but they are not active. Their numbers are reported “At Time of Manufacture.” Many people question how many actually survive to thrive and populate the gut. The probiotics in COCOYO are live at the time of consumption and are swimming in a food matrix that supports them.

Other than the benefits of the probiotics, what other benefits does COCOYO offer?

COCOYO contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, and MCTs – all good “brain nutrients.”

Why aren’t all the ingredients in COCOYO organic?

We craft with certified organic, young coconuts however these are not available all year-round. When organic coconuts are not available, we use natural conventional coconuts. For this reason, we cannot list on our labels that the coconuts in COCOYO are organic. In addition, all our COCOYO offerings are vegan, kosher-certified and gluten-free. We are striving to use 100% organic coconuts as organic young coconuts become available year-round.

Where can I buy GT’s COCOYO?

COCOYO is available in select markets across the United States. Use our Store Locator to find the nearest retailer.

Can I purchase COCOYO directly from you?

We are unable to offer direct sales at this time. GT’s COCOYO is not available for mail-order as it is much too perishable to send without refrigeration.

How should GT’s COCOYO be stored?

COCOYO should ALWAYS be kept in a refrigerator (33-37 F°) and stored upright.

Can I freeze COCOYO?

GT’s COCOYO is a live, raw, fermented product. For this reason, we do not recommend freezing it for too long. We have run tests and learned the probiotics to survive for up to a couple weeks with freezing. However, if you would like to freeze COCOYO, we recommend putting it in a larger plastic container first. Reason being that the coconut water will expand when frozen and we wouldn’t want it to break the glass COCOYO jar in the freezer. Please know that the texture of COCOYO may change after freezing. If this happens, you can stir the COCOYO to redistribute the elements before consuming it.

How long does GT’s COCOYO stay fresh after it’s been opened?

For best quality, we recommend consuming COCOYO within three days of opening and before the ‘Best By’ date (located on top of the lid). Remember to always store upright in the refrigerator when not consuming.

Can I consume GT’s COCOYO after the “Best By” date?

For best quality, we advise consuming our product either on or before the date printed on top of the lid.

Where are your coconuts sourced from?

The coconuts used to craft COCOYO are sourced from Southeast Asia.

Where is GT’s COCOYO made?

Since 2016, we have handcrafted COCOYO in sunny Los Angeles, California.

*PLEASE NOTE: We are not doctors. We are not scientists. We are simply conscious consumers, like you, who care about the things we put into our body because we believe that food can be a form of medicine. We understand every person is different, and that each body may react differently to the things they consume. Please know the information we share is intended to speak to the average experience with our offerings.