Begin Within: The Next Chapter for SYNERGY Kombucha

Begin Within: The Next Chapter for SYNERGY Kombucha

Positive transformation of the mind, body, and spirit begins from within. That’s something GT’s Living Foods has always believed. 

Positive transformation of the mind, body, and spirit begins from within. That’s something GT’s Living Foods has always believed. Now more than ever, it’s a message that needs to be shared far and wide. That’s why Begin Within is the message at the core of GT’s Living Foods’ first national TV commercial. It’s the message that will extend across far-reaching marketing platforms, from social media to in-store advertisements. But why now?

“To open people’s eyes, challenge conventional thinking, and encourage you to search for your own answers. With our Begin Within campaign, we seek to share the message that we have the power to ignite the change we want in our lives.

It is our goal to inspire small changes that have big impact. That is why we remain committed to offering authentic, living foods with nutrients that can awaken the mind and body, from the inside out."

— GT Dave, Founder of GT’s Living Foods, Father of Two, and Devoted Husband

GT’s Living Foods has remained committed to offering authentic fermented foods since 1995, effectively revolutionizing how people think and feel about fermented foods in the West. The thing about revolutions, though, is that they must keep happening for things to keep moving forward. Which is exactly what GT’s hopes to accomplish with Begin Within. “The thought process behind making this commercial was to allow us to emphasize SYNERGY’s unique relationship with nature as well as highlight its raw and wild personality,” GT shared.

Which is why the Begin Within campaign’s focus is to spotlight SYNERGY Raw Kombucha in a way that engages every sense. During the 30-second spot, three people drink SYNERGY and experience their first taste of the power of 9 billion living probiotics, sparking an enlivening transformation from within. Their experience bursts forth and flourishes amid the grey city around them. Vibrant color, a pulsing, sensational rhythm, and SYNERGY's iconic blooming lotus bring the feeling of drinking SYNERGY, The Original Kombucha, to the forefront.

Capturing the experience of seeing the world differently based on a small change to one’s life was paramount. The lotus depicted on every bottle of SYNERGY is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rejuvenation—as well as rebirth and change. “The use of lotus flowers was both a spiritual and metaphorical expression of the role our Kombucha plays in the lives and health of everyone who consumes it,” concluded GT. What change will it inspire in you?

“The opportunity to be a better father, husband, son and, ultimately, person than the day before,” is what gets GT out of bed each morning so that he can remain true to himself and be flexible enough to solve any issue that may arise: “As a gay man, I’ve learned the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of masculine and feminine qualities, which is similar to the balance of being an artist as well as a businessperson. [It helps me] to not get pulled into the chaos and noise of the marketplace. To stand out with a compelling and meaningful voice.” Sometimes, the most compelling voice is the one that speaks from tradition. That’s why SYNERGY is authentically brewed in small batches to preserve potency—as it always has been.

What will you say with the voice inside you? SYNERGY cultivates 18x more probiotics than the next leading competitor to better support gut health. Its positive impact on energy and mental well-being help you fortify inside, out, so you can speak your truth as loud as the world needs to hear it. GT’s is. Today and beyond, the GT’s Living Foods driving purpose is to spread a global message that food can be medicine and, through proper nutrition, one can heal thyself. Heal thyself, heal the world. Step one: Begin Within.

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