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What is VeggieKefir?

VeggieKefir is a line of savory, vegetable-based living probiotic shots.


How is VeggieKefir made?

VeggieKefir starts with handpicked raw produce that we thoughtfully ferment in small batches with vegan kefir cultures in a brine of purified water and grey sea salt. Once fermented, we fresh press our veggies to deliver a powerful shot with billions of living probiotics that supports gut health and nurtures your microbiome.


What kind of grains are used to make VeggieKefir?

VeggieKefir is 100% vegan, therefore milk kefir grains are never utilized. Instead, non-dairy kefir probiotics are used during the fermentation period.

What is the shelf-life of VeggieKefir?

VeggieKefir is viable for up to 25 weeks.

For how long can I consume from a bottle of VeggieKefir after opening?

Once a bottle is opened, it is good until the “Enjoy By” date, if kept refrigerated.


How should I store VeggieKefir?

VeggieKefir should ALWAYS be kept in a refrigerator (33-40 F) and stored upright.


What happens if I leave VeggieKefir out of the refrigerator?

Since VeggieKefir is a fermented beverage and 100% vegan, it will not spoil like traditional kefirs. However, the flavors and quality can potentially degrade if not properly stored.


What is the difference between VeggieKefir and CocoKefir?

Both VeggieKefir and CocoKefir are fermented with vegan, non-dairy kefir cultures, and both are naturally rich in living probiotics. The overall flavor experience, however, will be very different for each unique line. CocoKefir has a tangy coconut taste, while VeggieKefir is savory with vegetables and spices.


Why aren’t all the ingredients in VeggieKefir organic?

We are still actively sourcing and qualifying the best organic suppliers.


Can I drink more than 2 oz of VeggieKefir per day?

Every person has a unique system, therefore we suggest listening to your body when trying to determine the appropriate amount for you. However, if you are a first-time customer it is best to slowly introduce VeggieKefir to your system; 2 oz is our general recommendation.


How do I consume VeggieKefir?

We suggest taking it as a daily shot, morning or night, on an empty stomach, but there’s no wrong way to take it. There are multiple ways to consume VeggieKefir. A few of our favorites:

Drink as a daily shot – a fast, efficient and delicious way to get billions of probiotics.

Use as a healthy ingredient in your favorite dressings and recipes for a savory kick (i.e. Fresh salsa with Tomatillo Habanero VeggieKefir).

Experiment as a flavorful mocktail ingredient (i.e. Virgin Bloody Mary with Kimchi VeggieKefir).


Is the base of VeggieKefir created the same for each flavor?

No, the base of each flavor is specially crafted with a unique blend of vegetables and spices.


Can I shake the bottle before opening?

Yes, gently shaking the bottle will help to disperse the vegetable pulp and spices.


What are the probiotic strains in VeggieKefir?

Our proprietary blend of probiotics consists (over 99%) of various Lactobacillus and Lactococcus probiotic strains that are akin to a typical kefir found in Eastern Europe or Russia. Less than 1% of the probiotics are yeasts, known to support a healthy microbiome.


How long can you guarantee the viability of the 15 billion CFUs in each shot?

The probiotics found in VeggieKefirs are thriving and alive at the time you consume them, swimming in a food matrix that supports them and are thus a more effective way to consume probiotics.

What are the health benefits of VeggieKefir? 

With over 15 billion living probiotics per shot, each ounce of VeggieKefir is thoughtfully cultured to promote proper digestion. VeggieKefir serves as a protective, functional food matrix that helps to ensure the survival of beneficial bacteria strains.


Does VeggieKefir contain alcohol?

Like most cultured and/or raw foods, such as Kombucha, apple cider vinegar, kimchi, and fresh juices, trace amounts of naturally occurring alcohol can form in VeggieKefir due to its active and fermented characteristics, however the trace amounts are negligible and far below 0.5%.


Can I drink VeggieKefir after its “Enjoy By” date?

For best quality and flavor, it’s best to drink VeggieKefir on or before the “Enjoy By” date. Therefore, we do not recommend drinking VeggieKefir once the “Enjoy By” date has passed.


Where are these ingredients sourced?

All of our ingredients are premium and sourced locally here in California, whenever possible.